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MOVE 2010 Convention

Dearly Beloved,


In MOVE 2010 ANNUAL CONVENTION, the Lord has spoken to me that ‘YOU DESERVE MORE’ and YOU will have ‘MORE THAN ENOUGH’




MOVE 2010 Annual Convention is here with us again. MOVE Conventions are seasons of change and transformation. Anyone who is not ready for change, sooner or later would get extinct just like the dinosaurs that lived so many years ago, but never adapted to the changing environmental conditions and so were extinct from the universe and today have only become part of history.

MOVE Conventions offer everybody the opportunity to MOVE higher to another dimension of their lives, to achieve greater heights and to receive the potential power to do things differently.

It has always been said that if you keep doing the same things and expect different results, that is the highest form of ‘madness’. That means your ability to see things change in your life is to change the things you are doing today for a different outcome in the future. MOVE Conventions create the platform for you to trade your present circumstances for your desired future. It is an opportunity for you to break free from captivity, from hardship and stagnation and surge into freedom, liberty and productivity. MOVE Convention is a season of Change and Transformation in people’s lives, families, finances and career. It is not just the Moment of Opportunities but also it offers you the Keys to create new Vision and Enlarge your Territories.


Every change in human history always calls for a MOVE.


I believe that any time that God wants to set us free, change our destinies and transform our lives, we must be ready to MOVE from our current state of life of negative mentality, and low self-esteem to where God has planned for us. God said to Abraham in Gen 12:1 at the time God called Abram to MOVE from his kindred, from his father’s house and from his country. God said to Moses to tell the children of Israel to MOVE on despite the red sea facing them and their lives being in danger of the Egyptians(Exo14:15). God said to Zerubabel that they have dwelt long enough in this mountain and that they must MOVE on as the mountains are nothing before Him. God said to Joshua that it is time to crossover the Jordan River and take over the Promised Land; that means, it is time to MOVE on. We must MOVE from obscurity to visibility, we must MOVE from non-achievements to achievements, from sickness to health, from doubt to faith, from brokenness to wholeness, from complaining to giving glory to God. To MOVE means we must recognise that Moment, or that season of Opportunity, Vision and Enlargement. That moment is critical and many lose out on God’s timing, either they are too busy, or they are perhaps not just ready; or sometimes many get distracted by satanic influences, plans and schemes of the devil.




The Theme for this year’s conference is ‘You Deserve More’.  This theme resonated in my spirit during my last visit to Atlanta, Georgia for PHCC USA Power Conference this year in August, On the Last day of the event, the power of God was so strong in the meetings and whilst speaking with Mrs Sally Bossman after the service, She asked the big question: what is next for our MOVE Agenda?  I was not sure exactly what God wanted to do with us in our next phase of our Annual MOVE Convention at that moment, until she said with a big conviction that ‘We Deserve More’ That phrase sounded within my spirit and I just knew from that moment that God wanted us to know that ‘ We Deserve More ’ as a people, and we deserve more as HIs church and He is about to take Ordinary people and fill them with His Super Ordinary Power to do exploits.



This year, I see God elevating us to breaking barriers of intimidation, complacency and struggles. I see God giving us more than enough, I see God changing our history, reshuffling our destinies and reversing the trends. With many people, it has been a continuous trend of poverty and hardship; nothing working for them in their area of finances and career; with others, it has been a continuous trend of sickness, barrenness and unfruitfulness; and there are still others who are under spiritual and demonic attacks, horrifying dreams and continuous pain and stagnancy. But I see the trend changing, the first shall be the last and the last can be the first; Eccl 10:7 says that there is something strange going on for ‘I have seen servants upon horses and princes walking as servants upon the earth’.  There is a shift in the Spirit realm and God is picking up ordinary people just like Mary the mother of Jesus, to crown them with His Glory and Honour. Things that have been so hard for people to do will start working again because You Deserve More. Where people say you will fail, that is where you will succeed because You Deserve More; you will not be a shame and a disgrace to your family and to your generation, because You Deserve More.  There is a turning around and You Deserve More,


You Will Be Like Esau And You Will Reverse The Trend

The Anointing that came upon Esau to break the yoke off his neck will also come upon you.

 You will have More Than Enough ( Gen 33:9) Just Like Esau broke the Yoke off his neck when his brother Jacob stole his blessings so shall you break the yoke of poverty, shame, limitation and non-productivity  off your neck. Esau was left with nothing as his father Isaac told him that he now faces a future of non-productivity, unfavourable life condition and hardship, which means always fighting and being a slave to his brother(Gen 27:39-40). But he became restless and decided to change his destiny. He broke the Yoke of poverty, lack, non-productivity, hardship and slavery off his neck and in Gen 33 vrs 9 , he said to his brother Jacob that ‘ I don’t need what you are bringing to me. Keep what you have because I have more than enough’. Esau missed out on his blessings but he didn’t give up on his desire to change his situation. My Brother and my Sister, just like Esau, you deserve more of God’s Favour upon your life and what people have said you could not do, you will be able to do. Esau changed the pattern, he changed the trend and he reversed what his father said to him, because he was restless and he said to himself ‘I deserve more than this, and I need a change’. To be ‘restless’  does not mean you are not content, but that you desire for a change, you desire to do more, to see more and to achieve more; you desire to trade your current position for something better. It is a state of realisation, a place where you recognise the need for a change; it is a season in life that God opens your eyes to see things differently. To be restless means, it will dawn on you and all of a sudden you will realise that: you have been taking for granted for far too long; you have been abused, mistreated and undermined for all these years. When it dawns on you, you will be restless and you will desire for a change just like the prodigal son. When you are restless, you will shake yourself off from every limitation; you will ask yourself this question, ‘What am I doing here’ being under suppression, depression and oppression? The woman with the issue of blood was restless and said to herself, ‘it’s time for change’, blind Bartimeaus couldn’t hold his peace, he wanted one thing, that he ‘may have his sight’. What is your expectation this year? Don’t throw in the towel. It’s not over yet. Your story is about to change, you have what it takes to rise up and shine and to make changes to your situation and bring change to your generation. It’s your season for Change and Transformation.


What God has shown me and why you cannot afford to miss out in this year’s MOVE convention!

 I see someone who is restless, desiring for a change breaking out from captivity; I see someone who is fed up of his /her current plight, reversing the trend of self pity, and shame; I see someone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired and saying to himself or herself , ‘I want a change’ . This is your due season; it is the season of change and plenty and you deserve more of God’s favour, goodness and kindness. God will honour you and give you more than enough in this MOVE 2010 convention. In the midst of recession you will have more than enough, why? Because ‘you deserve more’. You too! will also break through and break forth. The yoke will be broken off your neck. You will become productive and exercise your Dominion and authority given to you by God. You will rise to the abilities of God inside of you; the strength of God will break forth from your inner spirit during this event. A supernatural anointing of speed will come upon your life and you will overtake those ahead of you.


Eh! This Is What Will Happen To You

In this MOVE convention, God will bring you to your place of prominence, you will be equipped for change, you will develop for success, and you will be fortified for divine protection and liberated into unlimited abundance. Great Grace will come upon you as you MOVE into your next level in MOVE 2010 Annual Convention.


The Conception of MOVE Conventions

MOVE is an acronym for Moments of Opportunity, Vision and Enlargement. It is a concept that the Holy Spirit drop into my heart since 2004. It was at the moment in my life when I kept asking God what next? Where am I going from here and what is the future going to be like for me and the ministry that he has given to me. In my hour of wondering and feeling stuck with my current work as

a medical sociologist with the NHS trust, and a pastor  of a church of around 120 people, I felt in my spirit that God wants me to break out of my shelves and begin to expand and enlarge my territories. It was a matter of searching, yearning and desiring to see more of God’s glory, power and anointing. This  gave birth to our annual "MOVE" convention which is held on a yearly basis


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