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Our Mission

Our Mission

We have a divine mandate to bring together diverse group of individuals from every background into a place of Praise and Worship to experience God’s Supernatural Blessings. As you worship with us, be assured that you are going to have a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE that is REAL.

It is our Objective:

  • to be a place where the oppressed, depressed, beaten, and frustrated come and receive divine love and acceptance.
  • to turn every member into a minister
  • to reach the world through our radio and television programmes
  • to be a base where believers can develop spiritually through the feeding of God’s unadulterated word, worship and prayer.
  • to help believers discover, develop and use their God given abilities and talents.
  • to train ministers for effective ministry with integrity and excellence.
  • to build orphanages, hospital, schools in developing countries.

Our Commitment

In lin with our mission, we have a calling to take out the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth and also to raise a prosperous and successful army through every available voice. To do this it takes dedicated co-labourers and partners to help us reach this vision.

As a church our commitment is to:

  • We will be praying for you and your family daily for blessings and the divine protection from God on your lives
  • We will send you daily devotional materials of the Word of God via email.
  • You will automatically receive 15% discount on all our ministry products
  • We will send you a Welcome Package and free teaching album entitled: Developing a Prosperous Mind Set
  • We will periodically send you free teaching materials for spiritual nourishment and edification

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