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Our Vision

It our vision to raise a community of committed christians who will bring change to the destiny of lives and transformation to entire communities through the power of the gospel of the lord Jesus Christ.

Teaching the Word of God with simplicity, understanding and insight is the vision of Praise Harvest community church. In Praise Harvest, we believe the Bible is the written and inspired Word. It is our vision for all people in the world to hear the Word and gain understanding of God's love and promises. This we believe will help see changes in the lives of individuals, families and other ministries around the world. Praise Harvest aims to spread the word through every channel and avenue possible. This includes TV, paper and Radio media, the internet , one-to-one and door-to-door ministry

It is on the back of these believes and vision of spreading the Word through every channel to bring change to our communities that Rev Moses Asare started the HEALTH and WEALTH TRANSFER media ministry. This God-directed christian show is borne out of a God-given conviction by Rev Moses that the power of health and wealth lies in the Bible and as such takes time to reveal the true inner meaning of the content of the Bible.


PARTERS are a major part of the vision of Praise Harvest Community Church and Praise Harvest International Ministries. As a partner you are part of a covenant connection. You pledge to first and foremost to yourself and God almights to be part of a network of people who will be committed in helping us fulfill our and your divine mandate.

has a calling to take out the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth and also to raise a prosperous and successful army through every available voice. To do this it takes dedicated co-labourers and partners to help us reach this vision. Through this, you do not only fulfill your own devine mandate but help us as a ministry to impact the lives of many through the spreading of the Gospel worldwide. Every soul and life saved through Praise Harvest and any of our churches and network is credited not to Praise harvest but to the heavenly accounts of yourself.

For more on who is a partner, how to become one and how you can continue to serve as a partner, go to our partners page.

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