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Our History

Praise Harvest Community Church has its roots in a small village called Colchester in Essex, which is the south eastern part of England in the United Kingdom. It began with the current general oversear, Moses Asare, then an undergraduate student in the University of Essex. At the time, moses engaged with his host church as a server in the helps ministry and many under ministry. As a trainee community mental health nurse, he used his spare time not only in church but through other activities helping the aged over weekends. After his work in Colchester, he lived and worked in Chelmsford, also in Essex, where he continued with these routes.

After completing University education, whiles pursuing post-graduate education Moses moved Colchester castle - an iconic landmark in colchesterto London where he settled in chingford in East London. He started a community fellowship for a few members within the community which was held at his residence. Not too long after this time, the community fellowship grew in number to the point where his residence was no more appropriate to hold the meetings. It was then decided to move the meetings to forest road in walthamstow. This was what was eventually going to birth Praise Harvest Community Church. During this time there was a strong alliance with Harvest Chapel Ministries and Christ Alive Ministries who are up till date still allies of Praise Harvest Community Church.

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