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One of the great things about being part of a church is that it gives you the chance to take care of others when they need it and for others to take care of you when you need it

Making A Difference - the Great Commission
The work of the Lord presses on each day, daily around the world. We realize the smallest contribution can help make a positive difference. The word mission is defined as, “The business with which such a body of persons is charged”. As Christians it is our mission to carry out our Heavenly Father’s work.  The Great Commission teaches this. In Praise Harvest Community Church, we believe it is part of our mission is to reach the world for Christ. It is our continuing goal to support Christian missions localy, nationaly and internationaly.

Spreading the message of Christ in the 21st centry present limitless opportunities. This has been made possible as a result of technology and mass media. Although the message of Christ remains the same, the means and possiblities of spreading the word is limitless due to advances in technology, media and the internet today. We believe it is part of our mandate and commandment to spread the Word through any means possible to reach people where they are - in thier homes, cars, workplaces, or wherever the opportunity presents itself.

Through media there is potential to reach the wholw world through television, radio, the internet, printed materials, conferences and teaching resources. As you go through our ministries page, you will discover how we are using the power of the media and structure that we have within the church to promote strong christian principles among members, install the vision of service and ultimately help the many people suffering, encourage the hopeless and influence leaders for righteouseness in our communities, through the Word of God.

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