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Date and Time

Monday 13th October to Sunday 19th October, 2008

Monday to Friday - 7pm - Convention Nights

Each night will see a special invited guest minister revealing various biblical treasures from the Bible. This is accompanied by special music ministration from the invited minstrels.

Saturday - 2-Parts -Breakfast Conference and Anniversary Day

Breakfast Conference - Saturday 10am (John 21:12)

This is a teaching conference for all church leaders and pastors. The invited men of God will share light on practical church growth topics that have raised many ministries to the current spiritual level. This event is not only for Praise Harvest Church Leaders and Pastors but opened to all Pastors and Church leaders. Registration is necessary, although free, in order to make adequate dietary preparation to cater for all participating members.

Saturday 6pm - Anniversary Night

Saturday is the anniversary celebration night. This will see all the ministers from the previous nights during the week participating in the celebration. This will also see all the minstrels ministering on stage to crown the event.

Sunday - 2-Parts - Thanksgiving and Anointing & Communion service

Sunday 10am - Part 1 - Thanksgiving service (Ephesians 5:20)

Thanksgiving and family service on Sunday morning is open for all members. Pastors and members from all branches will be fellowshipping at the Leyton branch as part of the ceremony. This will involve Word ministration from the invited men of God as well as music ministration.

Sunday - 6pm - Part 2 - Anointing and Communion service (Exodus 29:7)

The men of God will anoint members as they are led from the Holy Spirit.

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