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About Bishop OA Benard

About Bishop O. A Bernard - Praise Valley Temple - Holland

I came into Holland in 1991 already with a vision in my heart, and that was the vision to do something for God but I was not planning on having anything started in Holland. I wanted to go back to my country of origin, which is Ghana to start something there, the vision that God had given me.

The vision was to reach out to people that were in the valley, people that were discouraged, people that had lost hope, and people that did not know or believe in the real God (JEHOVAH). To me this God was interested in real people, their real problems, and their daily pursuit in life. Bringing these people; to the knowledge of God, His goodness, and His kindness. That was the vision.

That was why we needed to get Praise Valley Temple started

The Vision

The vision of Praise Valley Temple is that the Gospel we preach will bring salvation, (hope), will bring deliverance to the body, soul and spirit. We believe and we are trusting God to reach out to every city, in every nation that we find ourselves in. We believe in raising Christian leaders and Christian followers that will do so with all of their hearts.
We believe in affecting people of all works of life. From the lowest to the highest as it is determined by society. We believe in loving the unlovable. Keeping the un-keep able and reaching the unreachable. That is Praise Valley Temple.

Our mission statement

The Total Gospel to the Total men. We believe in preaching the Gospel of Jesus in it's entity. So preaching Socially, Psychologically, Spiritually, Medically, every aspect of the Gospel must be represented in our messages and we believe in reaching out to the Body the Soul and the Spirit of men.

Bishop sharing on Prophetic Ministry and Word of Knowledge


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