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About Rev Sandy Edwards

Pastor Sandy Edwards

Ps. Sandy Edwards takes her inspiration from God’s word. She is a mother of three daughters Megan, Callan, Lee-anne (adopted) and one son, Gabriel. Beneath her unassuming beauty lies a gentle, caring, loving, daring, girlish spirit. Her story is one of tragedy and triumph, poverty and prosperity. Risen up from ashes to beauty, brokenness to wholeness, insecurity to security and has now dedicated her life to pulling others out of their circumstances so that they can focus in on God’s mighty, unique plan of destiny for their lives.

Pastor Sandy is a voice to the voiceless, one who dares to stand up boldly to declare a message of hope, truth, and prosperity – compelling the attention of those who seek to discover their purpose in life and launch their destiny.

She is currently doing her BTH degree at the Global University. She is a motivational speaker, councilor, preacher, teacher and business woman. She is also involved in various community projects such as “Friends of the hospital”; a project that started in 2001, a year after her daughter Callan was born with a life threatening illness. The doctors only gave her 3 months to live. But through God’s unfailing love and miracle working power she is alive and well today. Out of that situation together they gave hope to children in similar situations. She is also involved in a feeding scheme for the underprivileged people; they feed between 500-600 people a week.

Her vision is to continue to serve God’s people faithfully and to maximize their potential to the fullest.

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